The 7 Fingers × Theatre Republique “Bosch Dreams”
fri 8pm weekend 5pm
R 80,000 S 60,000 A 40,000
85minutes (no interval)
Phone) 02-2005-0114
Fax) 02-2005-1538
Age Guideline: 14+ Performed in English with Korean subtitles.

“Dreaming sights and sensual movements. And must go see.” Teater 1

“The successful marriage between circus and painting!” France 3



A voyage through the dreams of the mystic painter, Bosch

One of the most mystic figures of art history, Hieronymus Bosch is a Dutch/Netherlandish painter from the 15th century. Although he was from the Middle Ages, he is known to have inspired the surrealist movement in the 20th century with his brilliant expression of an imaginative world of heaven and hell, human desires and failures, which he depicts with his unique usage of color and grotesque style. Using three-dimensional video and beautiful acrobatics, <Bosch Dreams> summons his artworks back to vivid life.  

The performance traces back to 1516 when Bosch is nearing his death. Bosch finally falls asleep after many sleepless hours. Soon after, the image is transformed into a lecture room 500 years later. A passionate professor who devoted his whole life to the study of Bosch projects Bosch’s masterpiece <The Garden of Earthly Delights> on the screen. He questions about the symbolism and the meaning of the work, which remain a mystery even today. In short course, major works of Bosch, such as <The Haywain> and <The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things> are let free from the image and transform into animation and acrobatics. On stage unfolds the episodes hidden behind Bosch’s life and work. The work transcends the boundary of reality and dreams, past and present, history and future; it is a surrealistic time travel navigating through the everlasting world of this mystic painter. The journey becomes even more intriguing with the appearance of modern artists like Salvador Dali and Jim Morrison from ‘The Doors.’

<Bosch Dreams> is a work of magical combination of circus, theater, and animation, co-produced by The 7 Fingers, the successors of the Canadian new circus, and Denmark’s Theatre Republique, who visited Korea with <Hamlet> together with Tiger Lillies in 2016. The work commemorates the 500th anniversary of Bosch’s death. Indulge yourself with the marvelous masterpieces of the greatest painter Bosch and sail across his surreal world full of imagination and creativity.