Chick Corea Elektric Band
8 March, 2017
R 140,000 / S 110,000 / A 80,000 / B 50,000
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“One of the first players to fully exploit the potential of electric instruments” - All About Jazz


A venerated maestro” - BBC



Chick Corea is a living legend of the jazz world, who himself wrote the history of jazz over the last half a century through active artistic endeavors that simply surpass what one would imagine as one man’s accomplishment. This time, he is coming to Korea with his ‘Elektric Band’.

In the 1960s, Chick Corea participated in legendary albums such as In a Silent Way, Bitches Brew as the pianist of Miles Davis Band. He then acquired worldwide fame in the 70s with his fusion jazz group ‘Return to Forever’, releasing hit compositions like Spain. Entering the 80s, he became immersed in electric music and set forth groundbreaking steps by founding the Elektric Band and releasing 5 incredible albums. Since then he has been presenting albums in collaboration with world’s top-class jazz artists, including Gary Burton, Herbie Hancock, and John McLaughlin as well as continuing his own album works as a solo pianist. He holds an unparalleled Grammy Award of 63 nominations and 22 awards.

In 2016, he celebrated his 75th birthday with a concert of an unprecedented length of two months at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York. At this performance, he summoned the original members of Elektric Band in 12 years since their last album To the Stars released in 2004 and presented an epic performance for an entire week. This became a trigger for a world tour for the Elektric members, who have been longing to gather once more and perform.

All original members of the Elektric Band will participate in this concert: John Patitucci, the greatest bassist of our time, guitarist Frank Gambale, founder of the sweep picking technique, Dave Weckl, a monstrous drum legend, and Eric Marienthal, a passionate saxophonist. Due to the dynamic energy released by these five members, their performance is often compared to “the launch of a rocket” or “a roaring freight train”. Set your body and mind free at this concert of Elektric Band and join the explosive musical passion of true Jazz virtuosos!



Line Up
Chick Corea, Piano & Keyboards
Dave Weckl, Drums
John Patitucci, Bass
Eric Marienthal, Saxophone
Frank Gambale, Guitar