Robert Lepage & Ex Machina "The Far Side of the Moon”
weekdays 8pm sat 3pm
R 80,000 S 60,000 A 40,000
135minutes (no interval)
Phone) 02-2005-0114
Fax) 02-2005-1538
* Age Guideline: 14+ * Performed in English with Korean subtitles. * Contains drug references, sexual references and strobe effects
“This is Lepage at his very best, showing his talent for forging unexpected connections and appealing simultaneously to hearts and minds” The Guardian



Robert Lepage has been creating awe-inspiring works by stretching his theatrical imagination to a whole new dimension. In 15 years, he returns to Korea with the work that first introduced his name to the Korean audience; a work of astonishing brilliance, <The Far Side of the Moon>.

With no doubt, Lepage has become one of the world’s foremost masters who brought innovation to contemporary theater. For those who discovered his name only recently, or for those who missed his last performance, the revival of <The Far Side of the Moon> will be a delightful present to quench the hunger.

The work premiered in 2000 at the beginning of the new millennium, raising high expectations of the 21st-century theatrical imagination. This work, considered as one of the most representative masterpieces of Lepage continued to live, shown in over forty-five cities all over the world.

<The Far Side of the Moon> tells the story of two brothers of distinctive characters clashing and colliding after their mother’s death. The work draws parallels between their fraternal bitterness and the competition between the Soviets and Americans during the space race. It weaves the nostalgic memories of childhood with the innate human yearning for outer space.

This one-man show—led by Yves Jacques who fluently interprets every role—offers an opportunity to witness Lepage’s gift for storytelling, where he sublimates multilayered stories into a single in-depth message. Through imaginative leaps, he creates magic by transforming a simple stage and everyday objects into a completely new poetry. The work presents a beautiful insight into humans constantly clashing and colliding on earth, yet together longing to explore the extraterrestrial space and life beyond human knowledge.

<The Far Side of the Moon> begins with the observation that the human desire to explore the outer space was driven more by narcissism than curiosity. It will shed light on our perspective towards the outer and the inner self, as if the moon reflects the earth like a mirror image.