“Swan Lake/ Loch na hEala” by Michael Keegan-Dolan &..
weekdays 8pm sat 3pm
R 80,000 S 60,000 A 40,000
75minutes (no interval)
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Age Guideline: 16+ Performed in English with Korean subtitles.


“It’s a show of terrible beauty and extraordinary craft” The Guardian ★★★★★

“Swan Lake is raw, raucous, redemptive, majestic, vital and empowering.” Irish Times ★★★★★


No white ballet tutus, no princesses or princes, not even Tchaikovsky. Yet, here comes a <Swan Lake> filled with greater reverberation than the original score, characterized by its stunning imagery and exceptional mis-en-scène. Michael Keegan-Dolan’s <Swan Lake> has garnered rave reviews from not only England but all over the world, marking a sell-out success on all of its tours. Michael Keegan-Dolan, Ireland’s leading choreographer and director, has created this modern and innovative dance theater piece together with 13 multifaceted artists, including the famous star Mikel Murfi, actors, dancers, and a band. The work set in modern Ireland is brilliantly interwoven with drama, dance, and live music.

In this adaptation of <Swan Lake>, the protagonist is no longer Prince Siegfried saving the bewitched princess, but Jimmy, a depressing unemployed 36-year-old. The role of the devil Rothbart is taken by a village priest with dissociated personalities, who turns the village girls into swans. The live music played by Slow Moving Clouds, a band combining Nordic and Irish music, replaces Tchaikovsky’s score with a beautiful and enchanting Irish melody. Keegan-Dolan creates a world laden with mental illness, social isolation, cunning politicians and corrupt clerics, pounding the hearts of the audience with a reality ever more harsh and vivid than the fairy-talelike original. However, despite the grim reality of the modern world, the magic of the original work remains intact or even doubled.

Poetic, yet flowing with primal beauty and humor, criticism and metaphor on today’s society, and refined mis-en-scène, <Swan Lake> creates a perfect balance between astonishing visual/aural experience, poignant satire, and contemporaneity derived from the clear-cut story. It is a work of breathtaking beauty.

Co-production by Michael Keegan-Dolan; Sadler’s Wells Theatre London; Colours International Dance Festival, Theaterhaus Stuttgart; Dublin Theatre Festival; Theatre de la Ville, Luxembourg. With support from The Civic Theatre, Tallaght, and South Dublin County Council Arts Office.