“Cirkopolis” by Cirque Éloize
weekdays 8pm sat 2pm & 7pm sun 3pm
VIP 100,000 R 80,000 S 60,000 A 40,000
Duration: 90minutes (no interval)
Phone) 02-2005-0114
Fax) 02-2005-1538
Email) arts2005@lgart.com

“Thrilling, dramatic, astonishing, mesmerizing simply a dream” The Stage

“A feast of modern circus!” Sydney Morning Herald



Whatever you imagine, you will experience more. Everything about circus!

In a gray city where gray people wander around, in a frowsty office filled with lifeless workers, a magical revolution begins. <Cirkopolis> is a beautiful, fantastic subversion of the background of <Metropolis>(1927), a sci-fi film directed by Fritz Lang. As the revolution progresses, monotony and isolation unveil and exuberant colors explode. This is ‘Cirkopolis’ filled with humor, poetic beauty, and splendid color, a place where you will experience beyond anything you ever imagined. The work is a perfect harmony of circus, theater, and original musical score; performers of top-notch physical skills allure audiences into gripping tension, bursts of laughter, and exclamation of joy. Extolled as “thrilling, dramatic, astonishing, mesmerizing, simply a dream,”(The Stage) this spectacular show captivates audiences of all ages with its sensuous, creative direction using video projection. The work has been a sensation ever since its premiere; in 2014 it won the Drama Desk Awards for Unique Theatrical Experience in New York, a prestigious award also given to Matthew Bourne, Slava Polunin of <Snowshow>, and Cirque du Soleil. It has toured to over 100 cities in 30 countries and performed more than 460 shows, introducing the true magic of circus to over 350,000 spectators.

Cirque Éloize will meet the Korean audience in 7 years since its last visit in 2011 with the art circus piece <Rain>. The company has been responding to the public craving for a new circus by creating refined productions that merge circus with music, dance, technology, and theater. <Cirkopolis> is the ultimate rendering of the continuing effort of Cirque Éloize to reach artistic perfection in a circus. This fruit of the company’s passion and tenacity will open the door to the dramatic world of circus, even to audiences accustomed to musicals.