Deutsches Theater Berlin ‘Let Them Eat Money. Which F..
2019.9.20 fri-9.21 sat
fri 8pm sat 5pm
R 80,000 S 60,000 A 40,000
1hr 45mins with no interval
Phone) 02-2005-0114
Fax) 02-2005-1538
Performed in German with Korean surtitles.


Is there an alternative to our future?

Why do we reflect the present reality through stories written hundreds and thousands of years ago, and yet neglect to talk about the future through theater? Could we not predict and prepare for the future through theater? If whatever we vaguely dream of the future unfolds before our eyes, would it be closer to a utopia or a dystopia?

One of Germany’s most prestigious theater company with a history of 135 years, Deutsches Theater Berlin and Humboldt Forum created the piece Let Them Eat Money. Which Future?! through a two-year research process. The work predicts the European society in 2028, ten years from now. A well-renowned German film and theater director and the awardee of Berlin International Film Festival and European Film Awards, Andres Veiel wrote and directed this piece through a ‘participatory production process’ involving research and debates with scholars and experts from various fields like economy, sociology, and environmentology, as well as ordinary citizens.

The work takes the form of back-tracking the past, starting from the point of 2028. A collapse of the Eurozone after Italy’s withdrawal from the EU, major surge of refugees resulting from a catastrophic drought in Iran, labor replaced by robots, data control and surveillance through biochips implanted in the human brain, and a crisis of democracy. Where did all of these problems begin? Is it the aftermath of incompetent politicians and greedy capitalists deceiving the nation and its citizens? Or is it merely the arrival of a foregone conclusion that we could all easily predict, yet chose to sit on our hands and hope that it would not become a reality?  

Let Them Eat Money. Which Future?! calls them, as well as us, into account for the outcome and the responsibility of the failure nobody had wished for. No measures will enable us to predict the future accurately. However, the director claims that this project aims to spark a debate on our potential future, to clash different sets of values, and thus find an exit from the current deadlock. If nobody is willing to make an effort and take a step, we will repeat the history like ‘collision test dummies’ that ram into the wall every time in full speed. Come and join the process of predicting and preparing for our coming future through this intriguing piece of theater.


“A cleverly thought-out dystopia, which is never content with simple questions or simple solutions” Deutschlandfunk Kultur


“Fluid and sleekly futuristic staging, featuring video projections, stark lighting and some onstage acrobatics [...] an engrossing drama that skillfully avoids preaching or propagandizing.” The New York Times