A Venue that Incorporates Design, Functionality and Convenience
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    The architectural design of the LG Arts Center goes beyond the conventional box shape and incorporates natural elevation to evoke a futuristic feeling. The stainless steel, glass, and granite exterior corresponds to modern image of the urban architecture while the interior, finished with natural brown colors of wood and soothing blue, resonates warm and welcoming atmosphere to the audience as both a public space and artistic setting.

    The undulating ceiling highlights the main lobby where box office, coat check, and snack bar are located. The theater and the seats are located above the main lobby and can be accessed by escalator and foyer stairs. The theater houses three levels of seats; orchestra level, first balcony level and second balcony level. Each floor features waiting areas, restrooms, and a snack bar to accommodate the audience. The glass windows are draped with contemporary style metal curtains, and they offer a refreshing view of the Yeoksam area during the day and create a unique scene along with outside lights during the night. Inside the theater, the royal blue colored seats are meticulously designed and arranged to ensure best view for each member of the audience. The temperature control system is placed beneath the seats to circulate fresh air while totally blocking out noises.

    State-of-the-art Acoustics
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    The LG Arts Center was constructed as a multi-purpose venue to deliver performing arts at the highest quality, and as such it boasts the most cutting edge acoustic technologies in its design. Because of its close proximity to downtown traffic and the subway, sound experts were brought in to incorporate sound-proofing into the building’s design. First, a modern construction technique known as structural division was used to divide the building into isolated modules. Next, rubber pads were placed both on the lower modules horizontally as well as vertically between the theater and adjacent buildings like GS Tower to reduce noise and vibration. The interior of the theater has also been designed to optimize sound quality through the installation of acoustic banners and acoustic drapery which allow the acoustics to be customized for each performance.

    • General Theater


      • Address : Nonhyeon-ro 508, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
      • Area : 13,227.33㎡
      • Stage Type : Proscenium arch theatre - single hall (maximum width 16.4m x height 12m when proscenium arch is opened)
      • Seating Capacity : Three floors with a capacity of 1,103 seats (Orchestra level(1st floor): 646 seats, First Balcony(2nd floor): 249 seats, Second Balcony(3rd floor) : 208 seats)
      • Winner of the 2001 United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) Architecture Award
    • Performance


    • Stage Size Width 25m x Depth 12.5m
      Rigging System 73 manual line sets, 7 front stage motor operated line sets, and a spot line rigging system
      Mobile Concert Towers
      Ceiling Acoustic Reflectors

      The mobile acoustic reflectors installed throughout the stage can be adjusted

      for every performance to ensure the premium acoustic quality.

      Orchestra Pit

      The orchestra pit located in front of the stage is equipped with a special lift system

      that allows adjustments for the pit’s height. The orchestra pit can

      also be turned into additional seating area using the installed chair wagons when it’s not needed.

      Trap Doors There are 7 trap doors installed on the stage.
      Portable Turntable System
      (Motorized Revolving Stage)
      Thickness 16.5cm, diameter 7m, with a double ring (disk and ring) of 10m.
      Sound Control Room
      House Mix Position
      Lighting Control Room
      Follow-Spot Operator Room Located above third floor seating area, this is where stage movement is followed.
    • Performance Support


      • Dressing rooms (five private rooms, four group rooms)

      • Locker room, Make-up room, Costume management and laundry room, Production office, Cast and crew lounge, VIP lounge

      • Rehearsal room (which features male and female changing rooms, showers and a 10m x 10m practice space).

    • Other Equipment
      • Instruments: Piano (grand and upright Steinways), harpsichord.

      • Subtitle Projector

    • Floor Plan (Venue)
    • Light Circuit Diagram
    • Side Plan (Venue)
    • Lighting Equipment List
    • Stage Equipment List
    • Speaker Arrangement Plan
    • Side Plan (Stage)
    • Sound Equipment List
    • Floor Plan (Stage)
    • Seating Chart
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