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공연무대 이미지
  • Where people come to communicate
  • LG Arts Center is a globally renowned multi-arts performance center where the audience and the performers come together as one to share the passion for the contemporary arts and create experiences that are unique and mutually beneficial. LG Arts Center respects the diverse artistic values and expressions of our time, and we believe that our center must act as a gathering place where creative and passionate artists and their fans meet and engage in open communications.
공연 이미지
  • Where people enjoy the finest in performing arts
  • LG Arts Center believes that our audiences deserve to enjoy the very best performances at all times. To this end, we strive to present our audiences with top quality performances that feature not only important works selected from a variety of genres that reflect relevant global trends but also those performances that arise from new, innovative and daring approaches. In doing so, we strive to provide our audiences with new and genuine experiences that they have yet to enjoy.
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  • Where the artists enjoy the best stage and audience
  • We also believe that the artists deserve to meet the best audiences in a state-of-the-art performance venue. As such, we endeavor to offer our artists world-class stage facilities and top-quality technical support in order to help the performers attain their artistic perfection.

We are committed to providing both the artists and the audiences the artistic inspiration and an overall amazing experience, and to win their trusts and make LG Arts Center their most preferred presenter of performing arts. To realize this, we are making every effort to achieve the following goals

  • Artistic Goals
    • To provide our audiences with “must-see” contemporary works produced by some of the most influential and internationally acclaimed artists of our time.

    • To balance our program portfolio by extensively showcasing works of next generation artists.

    • To create an environment where Korean artists can exhibit their artistic talents to the fullest and to help them perform on international stages.

    • To provide our audiences with new experiences to audience by fostering convergence across genres and collaboration between and among international and Korean artists.

  • Customer Service and

    Public Interest Goals

    • To help our audiences expand their perspectives by embracing a wide variety of performing arts genres as well as works produced through new experiments and partnerships; thereby promoting the value of diversity in our society.

    • To responsibly employ the valuable financial support given by LG, our parent organization in making such contributions to society.

    • To play a leading role in promoting an audience-centered performing arts culture in Korea by introducing advanced theater management practices and innovative marketing techniques.

    • To reach out to our community by offering its members various educational programs related to the performing arts.

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