LG Arts Center, the premier performing arts venue for both audiences and artists

Since the opening in the year 2000, LG Arts Center has been endorsing diverse artistic values and expressions of our time to the Korean public, and has aspired to become the premier performing arts venue for both our valued audiences and artists. As a 1100-seat, multi-purpose facility, LG Arts Center meticulously selects around 25 of world’s top performances every year to be presented under our seasonal program brand named “CoMPAS”. Combined with other venue rental programs including musicals, LG Arts Center stages approximately 50 performing arts programs in a year.

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  • Fostering the Development of

    an audience-centered culture

  • As the only performance center in Korea that does not issue complimentary tickets, LG Arts Center has strived to establish a healthy viewing culture by implementing customer-centered, fair market practices that proved to be mutually beneficial for both the artists and the audience. In addition, LG Arts Center was the first to introduce seasonal programs, ticket packages, and our proprietary ‘Theater Management System.’ These initiatives have enabled us to execute efficient marketing programs as well as to help the customers make rational cultural consumptions.
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  • Giving Back to Society

  • LG Arts Center was founded by the global conglomerate LG as a means of giving back to society what they have profited from the public. LG Arts Center currently operates under the guidance of LG Yonam Foundation, a non-profit charity arm of the LG group. Our operational losses are entirely subsidized through donations provided by LG companies. Their financial support is invaluable for the Center in introducing internationally and nationally renowned, outstanding performances to the public. In 2003, LG Arts Center was honored by receiving the MECENAT Presidential Award in recognition of the efforts and contributions we made to the cultural and artistic development in Korea.
  • Must-See Performance

    Series 'CoMPAS'

  • LG Arts Center offers unmatched top-quality programs across a wide range of performing arts genres including theatrical productions, dance projects, classical music, jazz and world music under our very own seasonal programing brand ‘CoMPAS’. The CoMPAS presents not only various works of diverse artists ranging from great masters to emerging talents, but also features programs that are produced by the Center in close collaboration with promising local Korean artists.

  • Educational Programs

    for Young Artists

    and Audience

  • LG Arts Center also provides educational programs for aspiring young students including the LG Chamber Music School and, for audience development the LAMP(LG Arts Center Meets People) sessions. LG Chamber Music School is a chamber music education program created by LG in close partnership with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center in the United States, and is one of LG’s most successful corporate social contribution activities. Since 2009, the school has been providing systematic chamber music education for selected classical music students in Korea as an attempt to change the focus of music education system in Korea which heavily favors nurturing soloists. The school offers rich opportunities in learning and performing chamber music as a means to develop world-class chamber musicians.

    The LAMP Program consists of interactive educational sessions where the audience learn to better appreciate the various aspects of the performing arts being featured under LG Arts Center’s CoMPAS programs. In this way they can get more value out of their show-going experiences. At a LAMP session, the audience listens to lectures given by artists and experts, and in some cases, even gets to participate first-hand in a variety of performing arts production under the guidance of world-class professionals. As a result of the LAMP Program, the audience can gain a deeper understanding of various performing arts genres and enjoy their experiences at the LG Arts Center to the fullest extent.

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