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It refers to a diverse area (compass) of contemporary performing arts that our audience enjoys,
It acts as an instrument (compass) that guides people to see newly emerging trend-setting arts,
It is a place where we draw (compass) and bring together the imaginations of both the artists and the audience as one.

The LG Arts Center's special selection performance series, which has been running since the year 2000, was named CoMPAS (Contemporary Music & Performing Arts Season) in commemoration of our 10th anniversary in 2010.

  • Our


    • Since its establishment in the year 2000, LG Arts Center has strived to provide our audiences with convenient and local access to a variety of contemporary performing arts that previously could only be seen at festivals and theaters in other countries. In this way the LG Arts Center is able to meet our customer’s demands for a wide cultural variety of plays, dances, and classical and world music close to home.
    • To meet our objective of “introducing must-see contemporary works produced by some of the most influential and internationally acclaimed artists of our time while eliminating the time lag and geographic location barriers,” we have continued to feature works both of legendary artists and imminent leaders of the performance arts scene. Internationally celebrated masters, including Pina Bausch, Peter Brook, Lev Dodin, Robert Lepage, Anne Teresa De Keermaeker, Sonny Rollins, and Philippe Herreweghe, have continued to pursue their ground-breaking and innovative approaches on stage at the LG Arts Center. Also, emerging artists like Romeo Castellucci, Ivo Van Hove, Matthew Bourne and Pierre-Laurent Aimard, have all presented novel and provocative works first hand to the Korean audience through their performances here at the LG Arts Center.
    • Through the introduction of modern-day artists from a wide range of genres and cultures, the LG Arts Center aims to stimulate the audience’s imaginations and broaden their understanding of the world by allowing them to experience diverse cultures beyond everyday geographical and language barriers.
  • Vision of


    • Not only does the LG Arts Center feature some of the premiere performance arts from abroad, but it has also developed an all-star line-up of top domestic performing arts through extensive collaborations with local artists including HONG Seung-Yeop, AHN Ae-Soon, JEONG Yeong-Doo, YANG Jung-Ung, SEO Jae-Hyung, KHO Sun-Woong, LEE Ja-Ram, YUN Ho-Jin, KIM Sun-Wook, YANG Sung-Won, SUH Ye-Ree, and Bach Solisten Seoul. Domestically the LG Arts Center plays a double role by both encouraging and supporting local talent while also building a bridge abroad for them to access the global stage.
    • Going forward, LG Arts Center is strongly committed to continuing the effort to present nothing but the very best of modern contemporary arts for our audiences.
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