• The LAMP program which began in 2009 was created as an audience participation program for the patrons of the LG Arts Center. LAMP (short for LG Arts Center Meets People) is where LG Arts Center reaches out to the audience by offering an illuminating experience of the world of art through educational lectures and workshops designed to help the audience attain deeper and fuller understanding of our featured performances.
  • To truly experience and appreciate performing arts, one must not only know what is happening on stage, but also what occurs before and during a performance off stage. Through the LAMP Program, our goal is to give our audience a more active and expansive experience when they come to see a performance. Under the guidance of expert world-class artists, LAMP Program participants learn about the different aspects of theater, dance, classical and world music, in addition to different creative processes that take place in various genres of performing arts. In the LAMP Program workshops participants even get to enjoy hands-on experience in a variety of performing arts.
  • To learn more about and experience the LAMP programs, you only need to sign up on our website to receive newsletter and announcements.
LAMP Archive

LAMP 2017

  1. Workshop 'Creative Process' / Peter Pabst
  2. 'Sweet Mambo' Post-show talk / Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch
  3. 'The Fountainhead' Post-show talk / Toneelgroepamsterdam with Ivo van Hove
  4. 'Atomos' Post-show talk / Wayne McGregor
  5. Dance Workshop / Company Wayne McGregor
  6. 'The Tallis Scholars' Pre-concert talk / LEE Jun-Hyung
  7. 'L'Appartement' Post-show talk
  8. 'Golem' Post-show talk / 1927

LAMP 2016

  1. 'The Chorus; Oedipus' Open Rehearsal
  2. 'Dead Dog in a Suitcase' Post-show talk / Kneehigh Theatre
  3. Workshop 'Kneehigh Lowdown' / Mike Shepherd
  4. 'An Enemy of the People' Post-show talk / Schaubuhne Berlin
  5. 'The Journey to Geumgang' Post-show talk
  6. Lecture on pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard / KIM Sung-Hyun
  7. Lecture on Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra / LEE Jun-Hyung

LAMP 2015

  1. ‘The Sixteen’ Pre-concert talk / LEE Jun-Hyung
  2. Dance workshop with LDP / KIM Dong-Kyu
  3. Lecture on Rosas and Anne de Keermaeker / JANG In-Ju
  4. Let’s ‘Rosas danst Rosas’ / Rosas
  5. 'Rice' Post-show talk with LIN Hwai-min
  6. 'Needles and Opium' Post-show talk / Marc
  7. 'Mix' Post-show talk with Deborah Colker

LAMP 2014

  1. 'How did they create ?' / Jaco Van Dormael & Michele Anne De Mey
  2. 'Secrets to Captivating Audience within 3 Minutes' / Yukio NInagawa
  3. 'Peter Pabst’s Stage Design and Pina Bausch' / Peter Pabst
  4. 'Ground-breaking Music and Culture of / Julia Wolfe
  5. 'Carestini and Farinelli - Glory of Castrato' / LEE Jun-Hyung
  6. Pre-show talk about / Andreas Kriegenburg

LAMP 2013

  1. 'Meet Lev Dodin' / Lev Dodin
  2. 'Meet Mark Holthusen' / Mark Holthusen, Tiger Lillies
  3. 'At the end of a long run, meet pianist KIM Sun-Wook'
  4. 'Why did Belgium become the mecca for contemporary dance?' / JANG In-Ju, KIM Seol-Jin

LAMP 2012

  1. 'Possessed by U.K’s contemporary dance' / Mark Baldwin, O Seon-Myeong, Shin Chang-ho

LAMP 2011

  1. 'Visible music and audible play, the world of musical theatres' / CHOE Uzong, WON-Il
  2. 'Our music, world music' / WON-Il & Baramgot, HWANG Woo-Chang

LAMP 2010

  1. Play writing workshop with theater company Juk-Dal / HAN Areum, SEO Jae-Hyung, JO Han-Cheol
  2. 'Understanding dance through one’s body' / JEONG Yeong-Doo

LAMP 2009

  1. 'Understanding the Staging and Performance of ' / HWANG Jae-Heon, KIM Mi-Hye, YANG Jung-Ung
  2. 'Understanding early music and original interpretations' / KIM Ji-Young & Camerata Antiqua Seoul
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