• Package


    • Enjoy up to 528,000KRW (40% off regular price) in savings!
      Package purchasers will receive a special package card which can be used to discount 10% off on any menu at the café in main lobby.
      Those who purchase a ‘double package’ will receive 3 vouchers to be exchanged for program books.
      Package holders can also purchase individual tickets at a 20% discount for up to two guests that accompany them to each individual performance of the package.
  • Package


      • Packages may be purchased by phone, or e-mail, or by visiting our box office.
      • Please take note that packages are sold on different dates depending on the type of packages.
      • You may not cancel or change the package once the first performance of the package has been staged.
      • The seats purchased must be of the same grade type for all performances comprising the package.
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