Emergency Plan
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    In Case of Fire
    • Shout out "fire!"

    • Press the nearest fire alarm.

    • Calmly follow the instructions of our staff and follow the lit-up markings on the floor.

    • Do not panic, and try to keep a calm composure as you crouch low to avoid the smoke.

    • Lightly touch the door before opening it as it might be very hot.

    • Use the fire escape stairs to exit (the elevators will automatically shut down) the building. Customers with disabilities should find the nearest staff and follow their instructions.

    • Try to cover your mouth with some wet fabric like a handkerchief or a piece of clothing and take short, consistent breaths.

    How to Use the Fire Extinguisher
    • Locate the nearest fire extinguisher and bring it to the place of the fire.

    • Remove the safety pin (do not squeeze the handle as you remove the pin as it will make the pin hard to remove).

    • Hold the hose with your left hand (stand about 3-5 meters away from the flame).

    • Grasp the hose firmly and point it towards the base of the fire. Sweep the fire from side to side as if you were sweeping the ground with a broom.

    • Stand upwind of the fire and keep the hose pointed at the base of the fire as you spray it.

      ※ Be cautious not to stand too close to the flame or you might catch fire.

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