Part I General

Article 1. Purpose

The purpose of these Terms is to set out the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the LG Arts Center and its users concerning subscription to, and benefits provided under the LG Arts Center Cyber Membership System, as well as the conditions and procedure for the use of the membership system.

Article 2. Stipulation and Amendment of Terms

  1. 1. These Terms shall take effect upon public notice by the LG Arts Center to the users on its Internet homepage, in newsletters or otherwise.
  2. 2. LG Arts Center may amend these Terms from time to time as required, and the amendment shall take effect upon public notice by the Center in the manner stated in the foregoing Clause 1.
  3. 3. Members can stop services and ask for membership termination if he/she does not agree to the revised Terms of service.

Article 3. Definition of Terms

  1. 1. A user refers to a person who visits the LG Arts Center’s website and uses the “services” provided by LG Arts Center under this Terms and Conditions. He/she may be a member(including foreign member) or a non-member of LG Arts Center.
  2. 2. A member refers to a person registered (by providing his/her personal information) on LG Arts Center’s website. This person is willing to receive the LG Arts Center-provided information and eligible to use the membership service.
  3. 3. Non-member refers to a person who did not register oneself on LG Arts Center’s website and uses only partial services of LG Arts Center.

Part II Service of the Contract

Article 1. Membership Period

Membership period is until the termination of the contract by the opinion of the users.

Article 2. Changes in Member Information

  1. 1. When there is a change in the information provided at the time of membership registration, the member shall update the information online to reflect the changes.
  2. 2. LG Arts Center is not responsible for any outcomes that occur due to the violations of Clause 1.

Part Ⅲ Termination of Contract and Service Protection

Article 1. Viewing Account Information, Terminating Membership, and Restrictions over Use of the Membership Service

  1. 1. A member may browse and modify his/her account information anytime, and additionally may terminate his/her membership.
  2. 2. The Center has the right to suspend or limit membership on the basis of any of the following conditions
    • - If the member entered false information at the time of membership registration
    • - If the member has engaged in any criminal activity.
      In addition, a member who has not used any services, provided by LG Arts Center, for two (2) years may be disqualified as a member and lose his/her membership, limited to certain services.

Part Ⅳ Obligations of the Parties

Article 1. Personal Information Protection

Personal information refers to information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate an individual.

  1. 1. Personal Information that LG Arts Center Collects
    LG Arts Center collects the minimum information necessary for the service.
    • - Required Information : Name, Birthday, Gender, Username, Mobile phone number, Home phone number, Password, Email address
    • - Optional Information : Whether to receive e-mail newsletters or not
  2. 2. Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Processing Period
    LG Arts Center processes personal information for the following purposes only:
    • - Registration
    • - Establishment of Contract
    • - Customized Service and Membership Management
    • - Demographic Analysis (Statistical analysis on members’ age, gender, region)
    • - Service Provision and Utilization in Marketing and Advertising
    • - Ticket Distribution
    • - Payment
    • - Newsletters on Service or Performance Details
  3. 3. Providing Personal Information
    • - LG Arts Center shall not provide personal information arbitrarily, even if it is requested by a governmental office or an investigative institution. LG Arts Center shall respond only to requests using documents containing the official seal of the head of the requesting institution or those that are accompanied by a warrant under the relevant laws. (the Act on Real Name Financial Transactions and Guarantee of Secrecy; the Use and Protection of Credit Information Act; the Framework Act on Telecommunications; the Telecommunications Business Act' the Local Tax Act; the Consumer Protection Act; the Bank of Korea Act; the Criminal Procedure Act).
    • - LG Arts Center discloses the minimum amount of personal information to provide benefits to members, including a discount, in connection with events whose admission tickets are sold by a Center-designated agent or an affiliate of the Center.
    • - Personal information may be used for composing statistics, academic research or market surveys in a way that cannot identify the individual.
  4. 4. Consignment of Personal Information Processing
    LG Arts Center is consigning the task of personal information processing to a specialized company as follows:
    • - Culturedotcom
    Management of LG Arts Center’s website and ticket operation system includes:
    • - Technical processing for theater website management and member information management and protection
    • - Technical processing for online service provision
    • - Technical processing for information service provision
  5. 5. Withdrawal of Membership Agreement, Viewing or Modifying Personal Information
    The details are explained in Part III Article 1 Clause 1.
  6. 6. Personal Information Retention Period
    LG Arts Center preserves member’s personal information until the member decides to terminate the contract
    The personal information is immediately disposed when it has reached its retention period, fulfilled processing purpose, etc.
    If the personal information is deemed necessary to be retained according to related legislations, the information shall be retained as the following.
    • - Record of agreement or subscription cancellation, etc. (5 years)
    • - Record of payment and property supply, etc. (5 years)
  7. 7. Requesting Personal Information Viewing
    Information holder can request to view his/her personal information to the following department, mentioned in Clause 8, according to Article 35 of the Personal Information Protection Act. LG Arts Center shall do its best to promptly process the personal information viewing request.
  8. 8. Personal In formation Management Staff
    LG Arts Center designates a personal information protection manager to take overall responsibility in processing personal information, handling complaints raised by information holders, and compensating disputes.
    Personal Information Protection Staff
    • Name: Kim Hong-Yeon
    • Dept: Theater Management
    • Contact: 02-2257-6013
    • E-mail :
    • Personal Information Dispute Conciliation Committee
    • Korea Internet Security Agency ( / 118)
    • Address: (07789) 136, Magokjungangro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul
      LG Arts Center Seoul

Article 2. LG Arts Center's Obligations

  1. 1. LG Arts Center shall not be engaged in any act that goes against the relevant laws or these Terms or public morale and shall do its best to provide the membership service continuously and stably under these Terms.
  2. 2. LG Arts Center shall take the highest possible security measures concerning the personal information of its members, including credit information, so that members may safely use the membership service.
  3. 3. LG Arts Center shall respond, in a timely fashion, to reasonable complaints raised by its users.

Article 3. Members' Obligations

  1. 1. A member shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations, these Terms, and the Center-provided guidelines for users. A member shall not intentionally become engaged in any act that stands in the way of the Center’s business.
  2. 2. Once the registration procedure for the membership service is completed, a member shall be responsible for keeping the security information (username, password, etc) that he/she has provided.
  3. 3. A member shall not be engaged in any of the following acts in connection with his/her use of the membership service:
    • - Dishonest use of another member's username, password, and other information.
    • - Unauthorized reproduction of information obtained from the membership service or the use of such in publication or broadcast or provision to a third party.
    • - Infringement of rights, including copyrights, of the Center or a third party.
    • - Registration or spread of virus-affected materials.
    • - An act judged to be associated with a crime.
    • - An act violating the relevant laws and regulations or the Center-set conditions of use.

Part Ⅴ Provisions related to Payment

Article 1. Credit Card Payment

  1. 1. Online purchases by credit card can be made no later than 2 hours before show time.
  2. 2. In order to process credit card payment successfully, the user has to provide necessary information (credit card number, expiry date, etc).
  3. 3. The member should make credit card payment only with credit card issued under his/her name.

Part Ⅵ Use of the Membership Service

Article 1. Provision of Information

LG Arts Center may provide diverse types of information to members by e-mail as required for their use of the membership service.

Article 2. Copyright of Posted Materials

  1. 1. All rights and responsibilities concerning material posted on a space provided by LG Arts Center for its membership service shall lie with the party. LG Arts Center shall not use such material for a for-profit purpose other than posting it on its site without the relevant party’s consent. LG Arts Center reserves the right to post such material only on its site.
  2. 2. Members shall not use the information provided by the membership service for commercial purposes, including the processing or sale of the information.

Article 3. Online Service Hours and Suspension of Services

Online services are available 24 hours a day.

LG Arts Center can stop providing services for the following reasons:

Part Ⅶ Booking Service, Cancellation and Refund Policy

Article 1. Booking Service

LG Arts Center provides a booking service via the Internet, which is subject to the information set forth in the LG Arts Center homepage.

Article 2. Cancellation and Refund

  1. 1. Cancellation and refund of tickets are can be made on the website (PC/Mobile) until 18:00 pm one day before the performance. (based on the business days of the ticket box)
  2. 2. Cancellation fees vary depending on the time of cancellation.

Part Ⅷ Others

Article 1. Competent Court

Should there arise a lawsuit concerning a membership service-related dispute, the court with jurisdiction over the area where the LG Arts Center is located shall be the competent court.

The Terms and Conditions above follow the Act on Real Name Financial Transactions and Guarantee of Secrecy, the Consumer Protection Act, the Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, the Framework Act on Telecommunications, and the Personal Information Protection Act.