‘Sinawi’ & ‘Darkness Poomba’ by Kim Jae-duk
7(fri) - 8(sat) May, 2021
fri 7:30pm, sat 5pm
All 40,000 won
90mins with an interval - ‘Sinawi’ 15mins & ‘Darkness Poomba’ 60mins
Phone) 02-2005-0114
Fax) 02-2005-1538
Email) arts2005@lgart.com

Kim Jae-duk, who has created a unique position in the Korean contemporary dance field, will be on stage at the LG Arts Center with his two representative pieces ‘Sinawi’ and ‘Darkness Poomba’.

His solo piece ‘Sinawi’ is an improvisational work combining dance, music and an unintelligible speech ‘Jibberish’.
‘Darkness Poomba’, which is the most famous work of his company ‘Modern Table’, is a contemporary dance piece that reinterpreted “Poomba”, a Korean folk song.

The piece shows unique Asian characteristics with live sounds and
dynamic movements of male dancers.