Guitarists Park Kyu-hee × Park Ju-won
23(wed) June
R 60,000 / S 40,000 / A 30,000 won
120mins with an interval
Phone) 02-2005-0114
Fax) 02-2005-1538

Park Kyu-hee and Park Ju-won, the top guitarists in Korea, are brought together for the first time since their debut to present the great magic of guitar.

Called “Paco de Lucía of Korea”, Park Ju-won has won the Korean Music Awards for ‘Best Jazz & Crossover’ twice for his dazzling technique and outstanding live performances, and was selected as the Best Guitarist by a jazz magazine “Jazz People”.

Park Kyu-hee is an unrivaled classical guitar player with precise technique and skillful expression, and the first female and the first Asian to win the first prize in “Printemps de la Guitare“, a prestigious international competition in Belgium. The two guitarists will present a variety of works including their solos and duo performances as well as a repertoire collaborating with the band and the guests.