Opened on March 27, 2000, after five years of construction at a total cost of 65 billion Won, LG Arts Center, a superb cultural venue, manifests LGs philosophy of corporate contribution to society through providing cultural infrastructure. The Center aims to provide the artists with one of the best spaces for artistry, the audience with the best services, and to promote the Korean performing arts creativity and diversity, thus lead the van in this, the "Cultural Era" of the twenty-first century. Managed by the LG Yonam Cultural Foundation, the non-profit organization of LG, theCenter is no doubt an ideal model of a space for art and culture, where the architects imaginations and the arts managers visions were harmoniously reflected from the beginning of the design phase through the completion of construction.
LG Arts Center is located in the business district of Gangnam area in Seoul and is easily accessible by the Seoul Metropolitan Subway Lines. As a future-oriented, multi-purpose auditorium that can accommodate diverse fields of art, from music to dance to drama to choral, the Center has the capacity of 1,103 seats throughout three floors with the stage dimensions of 16.4m in width and 25m in depth. For the first time in theater construction in Korea, a new building isolation system was introduced for the acoustic purposes. A layer of isolation bearing pads, inserted under the basement and on one side of the building, separates the Center building from outside noise and vibration. Inside the auditorium, the acoustic control system features carefully designed reverberation controllers, including acoustic banners, concert towers and ceiling, as major features, that in various combinations create the best acoustic environment for each event. Convenience facilities for audience include underground parking garages with the capacity of 1,100 cars, a cloakroom, snack bars, and a lift for the handicapped. Also, auxiliary facilities for artists include a rehearsal room on B2 level, a green room, dressing rooms, a make-up room, and a wardrobe.
Paralleled with its hardware that compares well with any world-class cultural venue, LG Arts Center creates matching software, world-class programs. The Center aims at providing diverse genres of high standard productions. For this, our expert programmers on one hand keep close follow-ups of the home and global art and cultural trends, and on the other, make plans to invite internationally recognized artists for our own productions. The LG Arts Center stages not only productions that the audience wants to see but also those that should be seen, thereby providing the audience with a variety of new artistic experiences as well as satisfying their artistic desire that is ever growing.
The expertise of theater management of the LG Arts Center comes from the well-staffed organization, efficiently consisting of the Theater Management, the Programming & Marketing and the Stage Tech Departments.
Theater Management System (TMS), office automation (OA) software, was specifically developed for the Center, and allows an efficient and rational management over the entire sphere of theater business, including programming, marketing, ticketing, membership management and database management. A wide range of the information collected in TMS enables the Center to find out the audience demands and thus to provide better offerings through programming as well as to cultivate broader audiences. LG Arts Center's free membership program provides members with exclusive benefits from discounted ticket purchase, free parking, to free program books on the basis of the members ticket purchase history.