The location of the LG Arts Center makes it a convenient place to have access to either by public transportation or by automobiles. The Center, however, aims to be remembered as a comfortable space, with a variety of convenience facilities for the audience.
Restrooms are no more the mere places to wash hands. Instead, they should be comfortable and comforting, and even could be luxurious,
particularly for women's use. In addition to the basic lavatory facilities such as wash basins and mirrors, ladies' restrooms are equipped with spacious basins and sepa rate dressing tables.
When an audience visits the LG Arts Center's box office, he/she can make his/her purchase decisions identifying the available seats on the monitor through the comfort able communication through a voice transfer device of the window.
Located in the Main Lobby, the cloakroom can accommodate belongings and coats for up to 500 people.
Each lobby in the LG Arts Center is equipped with a food & beverage counter, where the audience can enjoy a brief but refreshing break such as before performance and during the intermissions. Service ledges are also provided for audiences to place their snacks and drinks, or to lean on during resting chats.
Comfortably located in the basement, a wide range of restaurants with specialty and international menus offer savory pre-theatre meals for the audience.